Timothy Paul Milner is a worship leader, songwriter, and recording artist currently living in Moncton, New Brunswick. He serves as the Dean of Chapel at Crandall University, where he directs the worship ministry minor. Originally from Nova Scotia, and having spent several years as a worship pastor in the USA, as well as a consultant in western Canada, his ministry is devoted to raising the quality of worship and music in the local church by equipping teams and leaders to be intentional about worship by re-thinking their focus and the purpose of true worship.


Being the only piano player in a small rural church growing up, Tim has been involved in worship ministry since he was 12 years old. At Bible college in Alberta he minored in music and began playing drums, bass, and guitar. It was there that he met his wife, Dorilee. They now have three children together and pursue music and God as a team. Tim later received a Masters of Worship from Liberty University. 

In addition to his service in ministry, Tim is also an award winning recording artist/songwriter. He has been nominated in multiple categories in both the ECMAs and CGMAs over the years. His music is played on Christian radio stations across Canada and the US, and is available on most digital platforms including iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon. His latest release, “Salvation Song,” is a part of a larger project recently recorded in Nashville and will be released later in 2018. To hear Tim's latest single, click here


The Milner's ministry aims to help churches embrace worship that is rooted in scripture, Spirit aware, and Christ centred. Tim and Dorilee offer worship workshops for teams and leaders interested in developing musical excellence, theological understanding, and structural direction for worship. They also offer consulting, and one on one coaching for worship leaders.

Tim is an accredited minister with the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada.


Dorilee Milner started playing piano when she was three years old. Her passion for music and study pushed her to pursue a music degree at Prairie Bible College with the purpose of becoming a teacher. She has been teaching piano for over 20 years, and currently teaches music theory at the university level. 

Dorilee and Tim have led worship together from the very beginning of their friendship as freshmen in Bible College. While Dorilee loves worshiping with her husband, she also has has years of experience leading worship herself, from women's conferences to pastoral events. Dorilee is passionate about leading authentic worship experiences and over the past few years has developed a passion for women's ministry.


Dorilee also plays a role in Tim's recording projects. She has appeared on all of Tim's recordings as a vocalist and/or musician. 




Education: Tim has a B.A. in biblical studies and theology from Prairie Bible College with a minor in music. He also holds an M.A. in worship from Liberty University. He has been teaching music and Christian Studies at the university level since 2013. He is an accredited minister with the Christian and Missionary Alliance.  


Music: In 2006 Tim won male artist of the year at the Maja awards in Toronto. He has had music on the radio consecutively since 2006, having been nominated several times in CGMA and ECMA categories. His worship songs are currently being used by Churches worldwide, as reported by CCLI. 


Ministry: Tim has led worship and given workshops at hundreds of different churches, Christian Schools, and other events across Canada and USA in his years of touring ministry.  He has worked at multiple different churches as a Worship Pastor in Canada and the U.S. He currently works at Crandall University as the Dean of chapel where he runs the worship ministry minor program. 


Dorilee: Dorilee has a B.A. in music from Prairie Bible College and her ARCT teacher's diploma from the Royal Conservatory of Music. She has also received her Royal Conservatory grade 10 in flute, and as been teaching piano for over 20 years. Dorilee has been leading worship for years alongside her husband and as a solo worship leader at conferences and ministry events. She currently teaches music theory at Crandall University as a professor in the worship minor program, and teaches piano from her home. 


The focus of the Milner's worship theology is the pursuit of the glory of God. The will of God is that we allow the transformational power of the Spirit of Christ to mold the character of the worshiper as we engage with the holiness of God.  

Worshiping God in all His glory must be the ultimate priority for human beings who were created in the image of God and redeemed by His blood. When done right, proper, authentic worship of God transforms us from the inside out. Proper worship is a simple concept. However, while it might be simple in nature, it is extremely difficult to properly execute and engage in due to our sinful nature. 


God had a plan for the universe mapped out before time began. His plan began with, and ends with His awe inspiring glory. Worship must also begin and end with the glory of God. In right worship, we decrease, and He increases. If our purpose for living is anything less than bringing glory to our creator as we wait patiently for Christ's return, our lives are a waste. God calls us to surrender our lives to Him, presenting ourselves as living sacrifices by learning to love Him extravagantly, more than life itself.


Worship must be important to those who love God. It is the tangible experience of God's love during worship, and our desire to reciprocate that love that enables us to love others with Christ-like love. That is the full circle of worship. Right worship leads to the transformation of our character through the Holy Spirit as we become more and more like Christ. We are slowly transformed into the image of Christ, moving closer and closer to our eternal state when we will finally be glorified and perfect, having passed from death to life and been justified by our faith in Christ. 

A full statement of doctrine can be found here.

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