In 1996 Tim was asked to lead worship at a college chapel service for the first time. He reluctantly agreed to it, having always preferred a backline role. He kept getting asked and eventually learned it was God's call on his life. 

Worship leading is a skill to be developed. In some situations the heart's desire is there, but the skill isn't. In other situations you can have a skilled team, yet they lack the understanding of how to engage a congregation in worship. Other times you'll see a band or leader with great charisma or stage presence, yet instead of drawing attention to to God, they draw attention to themselves. Worship leader coaching and mentoring is a vital step in order to steward the gift and calling of leading God's people in worship.

Get your team back to the heart of worship by fostering a culture of prayer, Spirit awareness, and excellence. Tim's passion is to train the next generation of worship leaders who want their lives to line up with the words on the screen. 


Tim's research and ministry experience have helped him write a course called Theology of Worship, which he teaches at the university level. While most church band members would be unable to take a semester long course, Tim teaches many of the same concepts in weekend worship workshops. Inquire about bringing him to your church.


Tim has been involved in working with leadership teams at a number of churches to provide assessments of sound systems, bands, and worship services as a whole. He has developed plans to improve the worship ministry by providing training to leaders, musicians, and tech teams. 

Maybe your church is feeling a little stuck in their worship. Maybe the quality isn't where it should be. If you you'd like to explore an objective, professional assessment, hit the contact link.


Drums: Get your drummers working properly with a metronome, learn the most useful drum patterns and fills for the worship genre. Take your skills to the next level. Tim has been playing in both live worship and session work for 20 years. Help your drummers go from abrasive or uncertain to confident and tight grooves that push a song forward and enhance the music and worship experience.

Bass: Tim has been playing bass live and in the studio for over 20 years. Most church bassists fall into the category of playing too busily, or lacking the confidence to play in a way that supports the chosen musical style. Find the power and simplicity of well-played bass.

Keys: Today's worship music is more keys and synth driven than ever. Move from simply surviving chord charts to playing with feel and adding layers and sounds that create atmosphere. Tim has over 30 years of keyboard experience - everything from solo accompaniment to full band integration. 

Guitars: Tim has been playing and leading from acoustic and electric guitars for most of his career. Learn how to hold down better strumming patterns, and add textures with electric guitars. 

Put it all together: Tim's forte is band coaching. How do we get our band sounding better? How can we move away from the "wall of sound" to better clarity, more defined band roles, and better dynamics? How do we run more productive and time effective rehearsals? Why doesn't our band sound like the recording? Tim can help you understand these things and implement a better way forward with his years of experience in both live band and studio work.  


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