Popular Music Theory

A practical resource for teaching musicians the basics of music theory. This book is designed to equip worship leaders, and worship team members with the skills they need to worship God with excellence, creativity, and skill. Tim uses this text to teach at the university level. This book is available for purchase at http://www.lulu.com/shop/dorilee-milner/popular-music-theory/paperback/product-24193815.html.  

How Right Worship Changes Us

A practical book on how to worship God Biblically and authentically. This book designed for worship leaders and pastors by challenging them on issues of the true gospel. We short circuit worship when we preach a cheap gospel. For worship to be true, lasting, and authentic, it must be based on solid theology. Without a solid foundation, worship will fall apart during times of duress when we don't "feel" God like we used to.


Popular Music Theory

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